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BEYOND Exhibition with Sculptor Howard Haigh

We are delighted to host our friends at BEYOND for a brand new exhibition at Left Bank from 3rd - 24th May 2022.

 BEYOND is currently delivering the Artist Development Scheme (BADS), funded by ArtsCouncil England, which has provided four artists with a learning disability a12 month programmes of bespoke support and mentoring to develop their practice and Create new work. 

 Our artist on show is Howard Haigh, one of the BADs artists. Previously Howard has worked in drawings and ceramics which focus on the architectural elements of his home city which he considers to be most significant. During his time with the BADs project Howard has focused on developing his ceramic skills and has chosen animals, legendary animals and portraits as his main themes. Howard has always wanted to work big and has been developing skills, techniques and knowledge to do this. 

 Howard’s work will be on display at Left Bank from 3rd – 24th May 2022.

Howard at Work


More about BEYOND… celebrating the. fantastic work of artists, performers and musicians with learning disabilities in Leeds and the organisations that support them, BEYOND 2016 saw organisations working together to celebrate and promote this great work. It was also an opportunity for people with learning disabilities to find out more about the huge range of arts activity that's available to them. 

 In July2018, BEYOND delivered it's second city-wide Festival in Leeds, which gathered even greater audiences and was a huge success. 


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