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Blackout Poetry Workshop with Poppy Jennings

Blackout poetry involves taking a found document, like a newspaper or an old book, and crossing out most of the text to leave behind a new combination of words. This new poem could pinpoint or contradict the meaning of the original text, or simply communicate something meaningful to the poet.

In this workshop with local artist Poppy Jennings, you'll discover how to get started with this fun and creative approach to poetry. You'll find out how to select words and themes, then start to make a few poems of your own. During the session, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your work with the group.

Here are some examples of blackout poetry to spark your creativity!

This workshop is running as part of our weekly Creative Takeover – a space for creatives of all kinds and abilities to meet and make in our beautiful building.

Please note, we take photos at our events for marketing purposes. If you would prefer not to appear in these, please let a member of staff know when you arrive so they can inform the photographer.

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