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Cartoon Your Pet - Workshop with Molly Pukes

YES! You read it correctly... you can create your very own pet portrait here at Left Bank!

Molly Pukes is a talented cartoonist, animator and designer from Leeds and we are delighted to welcome her back to Creative Wednesdays for another popular cartoon portrait workshop. This time you can learn to capture your best-est furry friend! You don't need to bring them with you, although you can if you like!

Bring a pic on your phone or something printed and Molly will show you how to do the rest. This workshop is suitable for those who like to work with pen or paper or digitally on an iPad. All pens and paper provided, bring your own device if that's how you like to work.

Tickets are a fiver so book your spot as soon as you can as we suspect this is going to be a very popular session!

All materials are provided FREE for this workshop, however do bring your own pens and pencils or tablet if you prefer!

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