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Create your own Bug Hotel workshop | Family Summer

Come join us on Friday 19th August in our garden for a day filled of family-friendly fun and create your own Bug Hotel with Elly's Bug Hotels!

A bug hotel is a cosy home for mini-beasts, winged and ground-bound, to have a safe place to sleep, lay eggs, and hide from prey. In return, your bug friends will increase biodiversity, pollinate plants, and increase bug population.

Your hotel, filled with garden waste such as twigs and leaves, and other hiding spots like drilled wood and bamboo is the perfect place for our bug-buddies to find shelter.

What you will get:

  • Your very own eco-friendly bug hotel to take home
  • Painting materials to paint your hotel
  • An info sheet showing you how to get the most out of your bug hotel

Tickets are £10 per family and you will take home one bug hotel with each ticket.


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