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David Benjamin Blower: Apocalyptic Lockdown Blues

Join us for a night of folk songs, poems and contemplative space, reflecting on the apocalyptic events and experiences of the last year. A space of memory, of feeling, presence and vision. A space to process loss, disorientation and hopeful imaginations.

David Benjamin Blower is from the post-industrial melting pot of Birmingham and has been as a prolific folk musician, podcaster, theologian and poet for the last decade.

His music has ranged from beat poetry to folk song, full of radical imagination, aching heart, and a spirituality between the sacred and the profane. DBB is influenced by literature: poets, prophets and philosophers, as well as film, and by the pain and wonder of living.

Recent releases have spanned from protest songs about the refugee crisis, Waitsian story-telling concept albums, and collaborations with theology professors and podcasts.

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