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Free Your Voice | Vocal Improv. & Body Music Workshop

Join us for a vocal improvisation, body music and moment-driven singing session led by Emma Coleman and Georgie Buchanan.

It’s a soul-nourishing, heart-connecting, ‘lose yourself in the moment’ type experience which brings together individual expression and collaborative creativity. It’s a real celebration of being allowed to sing together again as a community.

Expect song-and-sound games which build into spontaneous music making as part of a group. Whether you can sing or not, is completely irrelevant - you do what you feel. Some of you will choose meditative inner-song and toe-tapping body percussion - for others, there’s playful voice, expressive sounds, and vocal harmonies.

One thing is for sure, there’s always a warm welcome, an invitation to explore and a large dose of playfulness and joy.

Emma Coleman is a singer, cellist and workshop facilitator who is fascinated by vocal improvisation and body music. From Indian classical music to contemporary folk, experimental jazz to immersive theatre, Emma has over 10 years of experience performing professionally around the UK and Europe with a range of projects. Her eclectic musical journey has grown from orchestral, classical roots, and has led her to performing predominantly with the Afro-folk quintet, Me and My Friends.

In recent years she has immersed herself in the creative world of spontaneous, collaborative vocal music, studying and assisting on a variety of courses focusing on improvisation forms such as circle-singing. Emma has also studied body percussion at International Body Music Festivals in Greece and Ghana.

Georgie Buchanan

Singer, harpist, and community artist Georgie Buchanan is a unique voice in the folk scene dedicated to creating music that tenderly invites participants and listeners to connect more deeply with an ancient sense of place, community, and relationship with the natural world. Throughout her career she’s built a diverse audience and performed around the UK. She has developed a unique approach to leading singing workshops that engages every participant as a collaborator and empowers singers to discover the power and beauty of their own unique voice. Georgie is passionate that engaging with music in this way directly improves self-confidence, communication skills and overall quality of life.

The bar will be open for drinks.

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