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Garden of Lost and Found Exhibition

We are delighted to welcome process artist, Diane Shillito to exhibit ‘Garden of Lost and Found’ at Left Bank.

This is more than just an art installation. It’s a declaration of pure love, grown out of a human experience of loss and letting go.

It’s the embodiment of Diane’s soulful journey over the past three years and it resonates with emotion. Her work is testimony to her relationship with nature and her garden - the thread of sweet sorrow is woven throughout.

Garden of Lost and Found is an invitation towards a different way of seeing. It illuminates the garden environment; one we see every day and sometimes take for granted. It invites you to pause your thoughts and contemplate nature’s transitional decay, our own short lives on this planet and the divine beauty that lies within.

In this exhibition, photography has been used as a medium to capture the change in organic matter and poetry is used to express deep levels of emotion. The installation is centred around a green house, surrounded by delicate fabric banners emulating ‘prayer flags'.

You are invited to walk around the installation, to sit, explore and absorb the visual imagery accompanying soundscape - a celebration of life in light, colour, word, and sound.

Garden of Lost and Found -

The artist: Diane Ireland Shillito
Soundscape by Rachel Sedman

Spoken word performance by Ruby Dearing

No booking necessary, just turn up.

The Left Bank Cafe will be open from 9am selling a range of food and drinks.

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