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Heartseed Totem Binding

Learn how to create a small personal ‘Totem’ as a symbol or emblem for an intention, using natural found objects.

We will look at what totems mean/represent in different cultures and then go on to sculpt our own totem from an assortment of natural objects.

The group will be invited to come together for a short ‘gathering’ of words - shared in relation to you issue that you are grappling with, a loss that you have experienced or a transition that you wish to make.

The session will end with a short contemplative meditation and you'll leave with a personal totem as a symbol, that holds your intention.

Materials will be provided however please feel free to bring any natural material that you feel you would like to use to make it more personally relevant to you - an unusual stick, a broken branch or any other natural objects that you'd like to use.

This workshop is an extension of Diane Shillito’s exhibition installation ‘Garden of Lost and Found’ as a way to be mindful, relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

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