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Heartseed Mandala Workshop

Learn about the symbolic meaning of mandalas, the sacred geometry of nature and how the simple ritual of creating a mandala can be therapeutic when made with an intention - for example: expressing grief, loss, letting go and/or as thanks, celebration of life.

Begin by making a small individual mandala that you can take home with you, out of flowers, twigs, stones, natural elements.

We'll then move on to create a large communal natural mandala - working mindfully and connecting to the energy of the earth.

The mandala will change and disappear over a period of time, as a simple way to express grief, sorrow and loss. This maybe personal loss, it may be a sorrow about the earth and the environment. We will weave this, symbolic mandala, together to hold our intentions and hopes and wishes for the future. We will finish with a short contemplative meditation.

Materials will be provided however please feel free to bring any seed pods, feather, shells, twigs, cones etc that you may find on your travels or you may have a preferred significant flower that means something to you that you would wish to include and can bring with you.

This free workshop is an extension of Diane Shillito’s exhibition installation ‘Garden of Lost and Found’ as a way to be mindful, relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

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