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Leeds Poetry Festival I ALL PAUL: An evening with the artist

T.Monterisi exhibits a collection of painted Pauls and prints as ALL PAUL comes to Left Bank Leeds. Join us for a Q&A and performance after viewing the exhibition.

Art and poetry - anonymity and accountability - harsh truths and unfiltered expression.

We are all Paul, whether you believe it or not. We all need each other as art needs eyes.

The final evening of ALL PAUL rounds up with a live talk and showcase with T.Monterisi, including spoken word from herself and special guests, inspiring conversations, and opportunities for future collaborative projects.

T.M/O - T is a self taught poet, painter, host and facilitator, currently living in Yorkshire, UK. Performing poetry since 2017, and painting since the beginning, T's work focusses on connection and exploration of the hypocrisies we sit with. Featured in WordsBy, Thrive London's Mental Health Campaign, and Lancashire Fringe Festival, T is gaining momentum and becoming a household name in the Spoken Word scene here.

T talks openly about her turbulent past, and the motivation that gives her to make the future much brighter. She believes we are all the same, really, and if we could communicate, look inward and fit ourselves in this mess we call 'now', that the world could change for the better, belly feeling by belly feeling.

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