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Leeds Poetry Festival I Lets Stick Together

NSFW Club presents this brilliant collage poetry workshop, using found objects, materials and texts, adapting them into new poems.

NSFW Club is the collaborative collage poetry project of Leeds poets Beth and Daniel. They use found objects like magazines, books and leaflets to cut up and repurpose them for visually distinct poems. Their concept/gimmick is to both take the same source material and work separately to create their own poems which they then bring together in thematically linked pairs. Same source, different sauce. Their first zine, 'Dope Volta', is out now, and their second, 'Buckle Up Buttercup', should be ready to launch by the time you read this.

In their workshop they'll teach you how to create the words and visual aesthetics of your own collage poetry through found materials. They encourage you to bring your own bits and bobs with you like magazines, flyers, postcards and leaflets (anything with interesting fonts and colour pictures works best), but they'll provide everything you need if you’re unsure where to start.

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