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Monster Zine-making Session

After experiencing Monster by Giles Walker, we invite you to join us for an evening to document your thoughts and reflections about monster and the themes within it at our zine making evening! Zines are small, DIY magazines and we’ll be taking inspiration from the recent Monster installation by Giles Walker to create our very own mini zine library. From our words, photos, collage, doodles and drawings - in any form you like, you can express express your Monster.

We will photocopy the zines made on the night and create a little zine library at Left Bank as a legacy for Monster and the thoughts it has provoked in us all. We will provide lots of materials and guidance on the night for anyone who hasn't made a zine before.

You are welcome to 'order in' from The Grove or Jerk Express too so why not make a night of it!

Come any time during the evening and enjoy a fabulously creative Friday.

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