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Mum & Baby Yoga Club

Join a group of friendly mummas at 10:30am every Wednesday at Left Bank for a social yoga class with your babes.

The aim of the class is to build post-natal strength, support mental health and help you make those all important mum friends.

The class is for mums without movers (the babies!) who are at least 6 weeks post birth. Movement is gentle but productive, with a lot of focus on the breath to teach you how to find calm in chaos. The space aims to be judgement free - so leaks, spills, the occasional vom and crying babies are all very welcome. You don't need to have ever practised yoga before, or get anywhere near touching your toes and fancy yoga gear is actively frowned upon (joke - wear what you want!)!

Ella of Thrive Leeds, mum to Luna, will lead you through the class and with your permission even give the little ones the odd bounce or cuddle so that you can stay focused. Bring a few toys, a blanket, changing bag and feed - mats are provided. The beauty of these sessions is that you can stay and play, grab a coffee and cake and get to know other mums in your area.  

Babies are not used in movement only in meditation, there is the choice of having them next to you, asleep in their buggy or in the middle on our play mat.

If you are worried about anything or have any questions, drop Ella an email  

Courses are booked in blocks of 6 and are £58 or £30 for low income families, drop in is £10/session.  

You can buy tickets and find more information HERE

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