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Pockets of Disorder | Summer Family Workshops

Our 2021 Summer holiday programme at Left Bank is packed with tons of fun activities to boost creative skills and get kids moving. The sessions run over 5 weeks, you can attend them all or just one!

This packed-out programme of creative fun is funded by Healthy Holidays and our Local Ward Councillors (big thank you!). Each child will receive a FREE packed lunch at the session they attend. When booking your session please let us know of any dietary requirements.

Please note that parents must stay on site with their children, all our workshops are family friendly!

Pockets of Disorder

Get ready to spark positive change in the world! In this workshop everyone has a role and can get stuck right in. Our workshop leader will help you to ask meaningful questions, share thoughts and stories of what matters to you and then support you to create for change.  

From pushing bedtime back an hour, campaigning for action on climate change to navigating what it means to be queer; Pockets of Disorder merges creating art with creating conversations.

For all future change-makers: activists, rebels, artists, bookworms, adventurers, daydreamers, movers, shakers, those with a lot to say and those with a lot to think about. We’re ready to chat, create and make change. Whether it’s a banner, a brooch, a placard or postcard; whatever your conversations lead you to create... will be sure to lead to more.

This workshop is run by Rebecca Strickson, the artist in residence at the charity Think 2 Speak.

About Think2Speak:  A queer-led social enterprise specialising in sparking conversations, Think2Speak works with children, young people and the adults connected to them; creating safe and brave spaces in which change-makers are able to talk, reflect, learn and find the space and confidence to think differently.  


One off workshop

Suitable for all ages and families

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