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The Radical Library Monthly Book Group

Radical Reading Monthly Book Group

Join us for our new radical book group! We’re getting together every month to discuss a book from our new Radical Reading Room – a library we’ve set up at Left Bank in collaboration with Pluto Books. It’s an informal group and everyone is welcome, so pop down and chat about some timely political topics.

We’ll chat about the book and the themes it looks at, so you definitely don’t need to be an expert, and you are more than welcome to come along, listen and learn too.


Change the World Without Taking Power The Meaning of Revolution Today by John Holloway

The theme for discussion: Social Change, Capitalism, socialism and creating change

Book Synopsis - This book is a profound search for a theory of social change. Through clearing away the cobwebs of revolutionary socialism, it renews the fight for the ending of capitalism and the construction of a new, fairer world.

After a century of failed attempts by radical projects, the concept of revolution itself is in crisis. By asking the deepest questions about the nature of humanity, work, capitalism, organisation and resistance, John Holloway looks sharply at modern protest movements and provides tools for creating new strategies.

First published in 2002, this bookmarked a shift in the understanding of Autonomism, Anarchism and Marxism, addressing the doubts activists had in their own political history and work and helped form the perspectives of a new generation who are today changing the world.

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