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Wednesday Creative Takeover

Join us for a wildly creative evening at Left Bank. WE ARE BACK FOR 2022! Please be aware we have limited space in January due to an art installation so workshops will restart in February.

This space is yours to enjoy, make, chill, dance and dream in, so come and make it your own. And maybe bring a pal (or five) while you’re at it.

We provide the space for you to create whether you want to write, dance, knit, crochet, paint, sing, read, skate or debate! Perhaps you have a group and need a place to meet up in person.

Book into our workshops, hang out and get inspired, play games, table tennis or get busy with your creative hobbies. Everything goes in this weekly creative mash-up.

Book free tickets to come and do your own thing - solo or in a group.

There’s always something to watch or listen to, prepare to be entertained! You can order drinks and food from the bar all evening.

Check out the event schedule for more info about workshops!

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