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Friends of LBL: Poppy Jennings of Leeds Poetry Festival


Today, we're meeting Poppy Jennings, the Lead Organiser of Leeds Poetry Festival.

What’s your favourite thing about being a member at Left Bank?

Probably being able to engage with the local community as much as we do and being able to go to so many different events and meeting somany people.


When did you become involved in the company?

I started working with Left Bank last August, mostly working on the creative Wednesdays and organising different workshops. Over time Ibecame more and more involved in the festivals and workshops and so on.

As the summer approaches and Covid restrictions lift, do you expect Left Bank to become busier?

Yeah definitely, it’s amazing how far it’s come since then ew directors took over, it’s become a lot more community focused. Even though the restrictions were there over the past year, it’s still been really busy and people know what’s going on, and as more people begin to get more involved, I think it will definitely continue to do that.

How has organising the poetry festival been going? Are you excited for it?

Stressful! I’ve definitely been enjoying it, it’s the kind of work that I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to work with the local community, especially Leeds because that’s where I’m from and I’ve been passionate about poetry since I was eighteen. I got into it while I was at uni, writing it and attending classes. It’s nice to be able to give local, new, or established poets in Leeds another place to share themselves and their work.

To find out more about Leeds Poetry Festival, check out their events on our calendar and follow the festival on Instagram.

Words by Jenny Pallas

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