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Interview: Amelia Frances Wood on See You Naked Thursday


Every Thursday night at Left Bank, we’re joined by our pals at Assembly House for See You Naked Thursday — a non-traditional life drawing workshop hosted by different artists. It’s a really ace evening and everyone is welcome to attend. We spoke to organiser Amelia Frances Wood about the event and what she loves about the space.

Hi Amelia!

How did SYNT begin?

I’ve always wanted to run life drawing sessions; the figure is a massive part of my practice. As a studio we were discussing the idea to run Life Drawing workshops and I asked to take on the project on behalf of Assembly House. I ran the first session in collaboration with Rosie Vohra, friend and studio holder at Assembly House. The idea is to bring in a different tutor, with a different theme, each week. Some themes have been focused exploring eroticism, synesthesia, poetry, trans experience and disability.

With the importance being taken away from the outcome of the drawings, the workshops are focused on having fun, socialising and exploring the figure and human experience through mark making.

Has the event evolved over time?

I think it’s gotten so much better. We’ve had so much feedback over time from people who have joined in. It’s just grown from there. The networks of creative people we’re bringing in has developed too, beyond Leeds. It’s been amazing to have so many people be able to host, all who see the body in different ways. I really want to keep it non-traditional — getting anyone who wants to take part to come.

The audience has changed too; it used to be primarily students but as we’ve reached out to broader demographics there’s now a nice mix of people and age groups.

And what’s it been like hosting SYNT in Left Bank?

It’s been fantastic. Coming into the space, there’s the stained glass, the pillars. In some sessions, we encourage people to draw the background; some of the narratives that get woven into people’s drawings are quite biblical, because of the setting they’re in. There’s the support as well. Left Bank is sharing something amazing that they’ve got, and we can bring this really creative event to the space to engage Armley, the studio holders, people in Leeds. These sessions are really for everyone, no matter your experience. The outcome isn’t really the main thing; it’s the experience of doing it.

To book a spot at See You Next Thursdays, click here.

Photo: Amelia Frances Wood

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