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Some local friends to check out!


The area around Left Bank Leeds is jam-packed with places to go for a quick snack, or a shop window browse through Burley, Headingley and Hyde Park. Though the building is located around a student area, there are plenty of things available to try out for all ages. Inclusivity is a very important part of life in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Here are a few recommendations!

There are several cafes around Burley, however donut places are very trendy right now to grab a coffee and donut and hang out at. Duke’s Donuts and Coffee on Cardigan Road is particularly popular! Their aesthetically pleasing Instagram page (@dukesdonutsandcoffee)displays some of their amazing products, and they receive excellent reviews from customers.


With a number of great restaurants to pick and choose from in Burley, visitors and locals alike feel an encouraging sense of culture. Some to recommend are also located on Cardigan Road, such as Mogador’s Moroccan food (@mogadorleeds on Instagram), Man V Roast and Grove Café. Customers regularly leave impressive feedback.

Kirkstall Road which goes up towards Kirkstall has some great takeaway restaurants. There is also a small industrial park along which includes an arcade with a bowling alley and even a climbing wall! Considering Burley is a small area, it’s full to the brim of things to do and places to go. Further up from Burley in Headingley, you will find even more cafes, pubs and restaurants. The high street on Otley Road is a particular hotspot!


Some other places to checkout are the green spaces and parks, such as Burley and Hyde Park. They are perfect spots to have a picnic or bring your takeout from the local cafes and restaurants on a sunny day. In Hyde Park, the Brudenell Social Club holds events and gigs which are always successful, and the Hyde Park Book Club, a similar vibe to Left Bank, is also a chic spot to hang out.


Whether you fancy a quick donut stop just up the road from Left Bank or a stroll around Headingley or Hyde Park, the local area welcomes anyone and everyone! Make sure to check out the recommendations, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!


 Words & Photos by Jenny Pallas 

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