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The Big Summer Disco: Meet James and Chemaine!


The Big Summer Disco is coming to Left Bank! A whole eve of ace music, awesome stalls and total summer vibes; hosted by Party People Project‚ a collective of DJs, dancers & art-makers with learning disabilities. They’re breaking down boundaries & creating the best parties for everyone.

We spoke to organisers James and Chemaine about what we can expect from the event, the impact of the Party People Project & more.

Hey James & Chemaine! We’d love to hear about what you do.

We run a company called Party People Project that launched about six years ago, starting off in Bradford. Party People Project are parties run by adults with learning disabilities and autism, that are open to the wider public; anyone over 18 can attend them!

We’re promoting social mixing, changing people’s perceptions and breaking down barriers. As well as promoting staying out late and having fun.

Chemaine: We want to create an open dance floor for open minds. We’re part of the alternative scene, which has always been diverse and has created safe spaces. Myself and James have been putting on parties and events for years, but we also work with adults with learning disabilities. Seeing all this charisma and talent was our inspiration for creating the Party People Project.

James: As part of the event we run a series of workshops in the venue that we’ll be throwing the party at, where people can learn how to create a vibrant party. We’ll be hosting six workshops at Left Bank in the lead up to the Big Summer Disco on the 1st of July.

And what can party people expect from the Big Summer Disco?

James: It’s a very mixed set of music — and loosely Summer-themed. There’s a bit of a festival feel to the sound, with a real mix of genres. There’s going to be 7-8 different sets from DJs with learning disabilities; everything from disco, to house, pop, UK garage and more. We’re also bringing stalls and a food van outside. We’re funded by Leeds Inspired so it’s going to be a great event; after a couple years of lockdowns it feels good to have a big party and celebration.

Why have you chosen Left Bank for this event?

James: I’ve DJ’d at Left Bank for quite a few years, through Meanwood Radio. Left Bank is a fantastic space to run the workshops as well as hosting the event — it’ll be the biggest party we’ve ever done.

Chemaine: It’s a big space as well, so that everyone can feel comfortable and move around. Left Bank are really aligned with our ethics — they understand creativity, but also diversity; and this idea that diversity brings with it the most exciting creative atmospheres. They’re passionate about normalising spaces and having adults with learning disabilities within the ecosystem of a venue. And that’s really exciting for us.

James: They’re very keen to have people with learning disabilities feel that they can come in and use the space on a weekly basis. The party will boost that aim, with lots of people having fun and feeling welcomed into the space!

Thanks so much! We can’t wait.

You can book your ticket to the Big Summer Disco here.

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