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15 Minute Friendships at Culture Club

15-Minute Friendships is a social project designed to combat loneliness within the queer community through pop-up events around Leeds. Whether you’re looking to meet someone new, have a story to tell, want to practise your conversational skills, or simply have some time to kill, you can meet me (Bridie!) for an informal, 15-minute, *one-to-one chat.

We're delighted to announce that 15-Minute Friendships will be hosting a regular drop-in event at Left Bank Leeds from 7pm to 9pm on the last Wednesday of every month! Come along, look out for the 15-Minute Friendships table-top sign, sit down when the host is free, and chat about anything you'd like. This event is designed to coincide with Left Bank's Culture Club on Wednesday evenings where anyone can show up and use the space to practise something creative.

15-Minute Friendships is working to combat loneliness in the Leeds LGBTQIA+ community, but you don't have to be a member of this community to take part. Anyone can attend one of our pop-up events if they fancy a chat! Find out more at

*If you'd feel more comfortable with a friend or support worker by your side, you are welcome to bring them along too.

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