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Breakin’ classes with Bboy Litefoot

Bring the kids along to our Breakin’ classes with Bboy Litefoot.

Over the weeks, your child will learn the different levels that make up the dance we call Breakin’ -  from TopRock, Go Downs, Footwork patterns and Freezes. They'll have loads of fun learning the moves and being creative with it. They'll also make friends, build their confidence and get to know and understand Hip Hop culture. Bboy Litefoot alternate the weekly sessions bring their own distinct flavour to the classes!

These sessions are aimed at children aged 7-11 and are suitable for all abilities. Refreshments are provided during the session.

*Parents must stay on-site

**Please note, these tickets are non-refundable**

*** We are happy for you to take photographs at our events, however please be aware that not all parents and carers are comfortable with their children’s images being shared on social media for a variety of reasons. Please be mindful of this when sharing, thankyou.



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