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Community Pantry Launch Event

This event is to launch our new Community Pantry! If you bring along a donation to this event for the pantry - you will get a hot drink from our cafe for free!

The Leeds University Sustainability Service is launching a brand new community pantry in collaboration with us at Left Bank! This new community pantry will be accessible to anyone in the community to donate and collect surplus food and will be managed by local student volunteers. This new team of volunteer Community Pantry Guardians will be checking in regularly to ensure the pantry is looked after and is successful in promoting sustainable behaviours around food waste.

If you would like to make a donation or pick up some food items, you are welcome to do so during our daytime opening hours which are 9-5pm Monday - Friday and at the weekends from 11-4pm if we don't have any events on - please check the calendar to make sure!

What can you bring to the pantry?

Yes please:

unopened cans, tins, jars, and bottles  

Long-life veg (onions, potatoes, garlic, squash)

small kitchen utensils (used but clean)  

No thanks:  

dairy and eggs

fresh fruit and vegetables

fresh meat

opened packages

alcohol or any restricted products

How can this new Community Pantry help you eat more sustainably?

Check your cupboards for items you will probably never use and pass them on to someone else to use.

Check the pantry before you shop That essential ingredient might be there for you to take, saving you cash and carbon-emissions!

Share your donations and creations  Just dropped off a tin of something tasty?Turned someone else’s surplus into a marvellous feast?

Tell us @UoL_Sus #CommunityPantry


The unique design of the pantry was created as part of a collaboration between the University of Leeds and OWLS (Older Wiser Local Seniors) Art Group who meet at Left Bank every Tuesday morning. Three creative students from the School of Fine Art and School of Design joined the OWLS group to share their creative ideas. The OWLS members helped to create the design for the pantry which has been painted by these student volunteers.

The pantry cabinet was donated by Furniture Re-Use social enterprise, Over2Hills.

The completed artwork will be unveiled at this Pantry Launch AND Everyone is welcome to join us and bring along the first donations for the pantry!

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