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Edek’s Doodle Chat is a relaxed social group for men to doodle and chat.

A safe space to talk and listen. An opportunity to be social and prioritise well-being. A place to connect and build community.

We encourage you to bring along a creative activity that you’re working on. This could be anything from a colouring book to a painting, writing materials to collage stuff, or some air drying clay. There will be a range of materials available for you too.

Facilitated by Edek Thompson, a local community artist who uses his art practice to support his mental health and well-being.

Free to attend. No alcohol at the table. Respect each other.

The group takes place 7pm to 9pm on most Wednesdays, please check the calendar for dates. Please note, this is not art therapy and is not a replacement for professional mental health support.

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