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But when you see the sacred fire without form,

Shining skittishly throughout the depths of the Cosmos,

Listen to the voice of the fire. 

— Hekate, Chaldean Oracles, fragment 148 

HEKATE’S VOICE'S is an evening comprising a participatory listening workshop, Bodies In-Between, interwoven with a Welcoming Circle ceremony and full moon blessing, followed by a 40-minute, eight channel, immersive sound installation, held at Leeds’ Left Bank on 28 November 2023. 

The workshop will attune participants’ attention to sound and music through the lens of Magick; in particular, the omnipresence of transitions between aural focal points, exploring how it feels to be between states of hearing and listening. The installation manifests these liminalities through manipulated field recordings taken at Mother Shipton's Cave and Pendle Hill, multi-tracked piano, and heartbeats, offering a space for participants to freely explore this novel way of listening. 

DOORS — 7:30pm



Pay as you feel; suggested donation of £7. All proceeds to TransLeeds. Tickets here.

With support from the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities and the University of Leeds.

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