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Holding On | Art Exhibition

This April our porch gallery will be taken over by the 'We Didn't Fancy' Collective! Join us this Wednesday for the opening of their exhibition and for a chance to meet & chat to the artists within the collective, Phee Jefferies, Kay van Blerk, Megan Milner, Mo Robertson, Tommy Egan and Shania Teddy De Souza.

We Didn’t Fancy was formed when graduates of Leeds Arts University came together to produce our own degree show after ours was cancelled due to Covid. We love to work together because although we each create in different ways, the ties of our practices in both origin and thematic states mean the works link and weave through one another. Absurd outcomes originate from everyday reality as we each take what is familiar and amplify or distort it. Unified by our connection to Leeds despite our ever fluctuating distances from each other as time goes on, this show is our ode to Leeds and the art community we are a part of.

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