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Discover the Art of Lino Printing with Megan Dobbyn!

Unleash your creativity in the captivating world of lino printing! Join us for this two-part workshop series led by the talented artist, Megan Dobbyn. Learn the basics of lino printing, from carving your design into linoleum to creating your first beautiful prints. No experience necessary, just an enthusiasm to learn and create!  

You will have all the materials and guidance you need to be able to make prints with your designs, feel free to bring along any reference pictures to aid with your design, but don't worry Megan will have plenty of recourses for you to use if you are in need of some inspiration!

Lino Printing is a printmaking technique using linoleum, cutting away at the material to create a piece of art. During this workshop, you’ll learn a little bit of its history from Megan, our fab workshop host, and experiment with different tools and design ideas before creating your own prints. Our Café Bar is open for drinks, food and light snacks all evening.

THE WORKSHOP IS FOR 2 HOURS FROM 6.30PM-8.30PM. Purchasing one ticket for £30 will cover workshops on both Wed 10TH and 17TH APRIL 2024


PLEASE NOTE: These tickets are Non-Refundable

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