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Parents Of Small Biz Creative Meet Up

Join us the second Wednesday of the month for an informal creative craft session with Parents of Small Biz at our Wednesday evening Culture Club!

'A few of us POSBL-ers were discussing the fact that we never get to do any relaxing art or crafts anymore. We love Culture Club at Left Bank - there are always so many groups doing fantastic creative things and we wanted to be one of them!

So take this as your opportunity and excuse to take some time to do something for yourself and do some mindful crafting or art. Whether you have something crafty you haven't found the time to get around to or want to start something new on the day Left Bank has lots of inspiration and supply some materials, as well as being completely free!

Don't worry if you are crap at crafting, we are a non-judgemental bunch, and its all about just turning up and having a good chat! RSVP via link in bio if you’re coming along and join our Creative Wednesday WhatsApp group to discuss any crafts you would like to do at the next event.'

Visit their instagram here for the link to the Whatsapp group!

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