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In the book Radical Intimacy, Sophie K Rosa examines the characteristics of society that alter our understanding of care, romance and relationships. From capitalist cooptions of queerness to the destabilising of the nuclear family, Rosa argues that, under capitalism, there is a perceived scarcity of love, but through radical acts and radical thinking, we may generate love in abundance.

We’re delighted that Sophie will be joining us at Left Bank for an alternative valentines event on Thursday 15th February 6-8pm. Sarah Autumn will host a Q&A in which we discuss intimacy via the topics of self-care, romantic love and sex, family, home, death and friendship.

You can attend this event whether you have read the book or not. The discussions will be based around the themes within the book and will be accessible to everyone. There will be copies of the book at the event for anyone who would like to purchase one and Sophie will be available to sign them too!


Radical Intimacy published by Pluto Press 'An impassioned discussion about the alternative ways to form relationships and resist capitalism'

Sophie K Rosa

Capitalist ideology wants us to believe that there is an optimal way to live. 'Making connections' means networking for work. Our emotional needs are to be fulfilled by a single romantic partner, and self-care equates to taking personal responsibility for our suffering. We must be productive and heterosexual, we must have babies and buy a house. But the kicker is most people cannot and do not want to achieve all, or any of these life goals. Instead we are left feeling atomised, exhausted and disempowered.

Radical Intimacy shows that it doesn't need to be this way. In this punchy and impassioned account of inspiring ideas about alternative ways to live, Sophie K Rosa demands we use our radical imagination to discover a new form of intimacy and to transform our personal lives and in turn society as a whole.

Including critiques of the 'wellness' industry that ignores rising poverty rates, the mental health crisis and racist and misogynist state violence; transcending love and sex under capitalism to move towards feminist, decolonial and queer thinking; asking whether we should abolish the family; interrogating the framing of ageing and death and much more, Radical Intimacy is the compassionate antidote to a callous society.

You can find some Radical Intimacy Reading Notes HERE

You can listen to interviews with Sophie HERE and HERE

Tickets for this event are free. You will be invited to make a donation at the checkout to if you are able to - these donations will go towards supporting the work we do to support our creative community at Left Bank. Thank you.


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