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Join River Aire Crafts for their lino printing workshops, ‘you will learn how to safely cut the lino board using the specialised tools, and the best techniques to ensure a clean cut. We will go through how to mix the ink for the right colour and consistency, how to ink the lino and achieve a successful print! You will take home between 5-8 A4 or A5 prints.

This event is hosted at Left Bank, which is an amazing setting and always a chill vibe to get creative in. There is a bar and Left Bank serve hot food and cake that we take advantage of every time! There can be up to 8 people attending each workshop and they are very casual and sociable.

What level of experience do I need?

Our workshops are perfect for complete beginners or any level of previous experience. Come and learn something new or develop your already established skills. You don’t need to be amazing at drawing to be able to make great prints, so its a great way to get into a creative practise with no previous experience.

What should I bring?

All equipment for the workshop is provided by us! We provide the lino block, a choice of either A5 or A6 and we will use a range of inks and print on premium quality cartridge paper.

You can bring any references you would like to use for your cut design, but this is not essential. We can find inspiration!


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