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'We're From Earth' by Helen Dryden | Art Exhibition

Join us for a new exhibition here at Left Bank!

'We're from Earth!' is a selection of paintings by Leeds based artist Helen Dryden, featuring imaginary landscapes and their explorers. Helen uses a psychedelic colour palette to create an other-worldly experience. The paintings explore the artist’s observations of landscape and nature, and delve into imaginary worlds and plants which may be extra terrestrial or fantasy places, or even polluted landscapes.

Viewers are invited to invent their own narrative. Helen is thinking about human use of land, our claim on territory and what the future might hold. She is influenced by science and science fiction; popular culture, nature and environmental concerns.

She is based at Spinning Mill Studios at Sunny Bank Mills. Helen studied at Leeds Beckett University and Leeds Arts University as well as Cleveland College of Art and Design.

To find out more about Helen Dryden check out the following links: 

INSTA: @helen_dryden


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